MWAUWASA of Tanzania Signs Project and Financing Agreement with LVBC

Submitted by on 28 November 2022

The Mwanza Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (MWAUWASA) of the United Republic of Tanzania (URT) signed the Project and Financing Agreement (PFA) with Lake Victoria Basin Commission (LVBC) in Mwanza City, URT, 23rd November 2022.

MWAUWASA’s Managing Director, Eng. Leonard Msenyele and the LVBC Executive Secretary, Dr. Masinde K. Bwire, signed the PFA in the presence of MWAUWASA staff, officials from the Ministry of Water, LVBC staff and other senior officials.

The signing of this PFA in Tanzania marks a major milestone in as far as regional coordination and national implementation of the Lake Victoria Basin Integrated Water Resources Management Programme (LVB-IWRM) is concerned. URT, becomes the second EAC Partner State signing the PFA after Rwanda which signed it in May 2022. Similar efforts in other EAC Partner States are underway.

The LVB-IWRM Programme is implemented nationally in the EAC Partner States of Rwanda, United Republic of Tanzania (URT), Kenya and Uganda with the republic of Burundi being considered for the second phase of the project.

According to the LVBC Executive Secretary, Dr. Masinde K. Bwire, the signed PFA signifies the importance LVBC attaches to working with EAC Partner States in realizing their development goals and targets through programmes and projects implementation.

“Cities such as Musoma, Mwanza continue to grow and will need more quality water,” Dr. Bwire added.  

He also stressed, the effective implementation of the LVB – IWRM Programme in URT will contribute towards its realization of the National Development Vision 2025 targets relating to water and delivery of sewerage services. 

The LVB- IWRM Project deliverables in Tanzania are consistent with Tanzanian’s National Water Policy framework for Sustainable Development and Management of water resources. The LVB-IWRMP also includes High Priority Investments (HPIs) to be carried out in partnership with the EAC Partner States of Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda to minimize pollution in Lake Victoria.


Mwanza city is located in proximity of Lake Victoria, hence posing a major potential threat to water quality in terms of dischargeable untreated liquid wastes into Lake Victoria. Mwanza Sewer Network Upgrade seeks to reduce such discharges into Lake Victoria through the program’s High Priority Investments. The areas of Mwanza City to be connected are Igogo, Kitangiri, Kirumba, Pasiansi and Nyamanoro, in a presentation made by Arsene Mukubwa, the Regional Coordinator of the Programme before the PFA signing.

With an extension of Mwanza sewer network by 14.4 km of infill sewers and 1,600 connections, atleast 7,360 people are expected to directly benefit from the project intervention, and it builds on previous interventions of Lake Victoria Environment Management Project phase (LVEMP II).

Arsene Mukubwa commended the signed PFA, noting that it “allows the progression from preliminary technical preparatory process towards the actual implementation of the programme deliverables in Tanzania.”

The Managing Director of MWAUWASA, Eng. Leonard Msenyele, expressed appreciation to the Federal Government of Germany, European Union and the East African Community through Lake Victoria Basin Commission. “We register our commitment to implement the project effectively and efficiently for the betterment of our people. This support will complement the Government effort of improving sanitation services in Mwanza City,” He also underscored the foreseeable impact of the project in Mwanza.

The Representative of the Ministry of Water, Eng. Charles Mafie reiterated government’s commitments to deliver to the targets in Tanzania’s development blueprint – the Tanzania National Development Vision 2025 and the article six of the Sustainable Development Goals. He noted that while universal sewerage coverage is still low in Mwanza, there are accelerated government efforts to fill the gap. 

The LVB – IWRMP’s overall goal is improved water availability and quality through the strategic and sustainable management of the Lake Victoria Basin. This is a major point of convergence between the regional programme –IWRM and Tanzania’s development targets specifically availing quality water.

In other EAC Partner States, similar interventions will work towards reduction of municipal and industrial pollution of Lake Victoria through different river systems through targeted infrastructure investments to treat untreated sewerage.

All parties have agreed to work within the framework of the Lake Victoria Basin Integrated Water Resources Management Programme (LVB IWRMP) and upgrade the Mwanza sewer connection which will make a huge difference to the quality of lives of the people in the city and surrounding areas.

The LVB – IWRM Programme is based on long-term cooperation between the East African Community (EAC), KfW Development Bank from Germany and the European Union (EU). The cooperation forms a cornerstone for LVBC’s efforts to address the challenges which the Lake Victoria Basin is facing to protect the Lake and its water resources for the future benefit of communities living in the region.  

Signatories and witnesses of PFA during the signing, 23nd November 2022 Mwanza, Tanzania

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