Protocol Establishing LVBC

Lake Victoria Basin Commission is established by a protocol for sustainable development of Lake Victoria basin under article 33 as a permanent apex institution of the community responsible for the lake basin. The objectives and broad functions of the secretariat of the commission is to promote, coordinate and facilitate development initiatives within the Lake Victoria basin.
The signing of the protocol for sustainable development of the Lake Victoria Basin on the 29th November 2003 and its ratification in December 2004, in effect cleared the way for the establishment of the lake Victoria Basin Commission.
The secretariat headquarters is based in Kisumu City, Kenya after being relocated Arusha in January 2007
The policy and decision making organ for the Commission is the Sectoral Council which is constituted by Ministers from the Partner States while the Committee comprises of all Permanent Secretaries from the three Partner States whose Ministries' mandates relate to the Lake Victoria Basin, particularly Water, Agriculture, Transport, Communication, Energy, Tourism and Wildlife, Fisheries, Environment and Economic development.

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