Current Partnerships

The LVBC Secretariat, recognizing the role played by other stakeholders in the developments in the Lake Victoria Basin, has entered into partnerships and signed Agreements with governments and institutions so as to build up synergies in the implementation of its interventions areas in the EAC Development Strategy by the stakeholders. Notable among these are: 
The Partnership Agreement on Sustainable Development of Lake Victoria Basin signed by EAC with the Governments of France, Norway and Sweden, the World Bank and the East African Development Bank in April 2001.  
The Partnership Fund has played a big role in financing Projects in the LVB including Capacity building of The Lake Victoria Development Programme. Several short-term capacity-building projects have been supported under this Agreement and indeed, they have been the backbone for the growth of the LVBC. These include: strengthening the capacity of LVBC; Harmonization of Regional Policies Laws & Regulations and Standards; support for implementing of the MoU between the EAC and the Republics of Rwanda and Burundi. Others are: Study on Technical Solutions for Maritime Communications for Lake Victoria, Investment Promotion in the Lake Victoria Basin, Implementation of some aspects of the Toxic Chemicals/Oil Products Spill Contingency Plan for Lake Victoria; support to the LVB Resource Centre activities and Support to National Focal Points for LVBC in the Partner States.
Other Partnerships
Through the EAC, LVBC has signed Memorandum of Understanding with the following Institutions and Governments: World Conservation Union (IUCN) Regional Office signed on 28th June 2002 in Arusha; World Wide Fund for Nature – Eastern Africa Regional Programme Office (WWF-EARPO) signed on 4th August 2003; International Centre for Research in Agroforestry (ICRAF) signed on 26th September 2003, in Kisumu among others.

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