Inland Water Transport

Lake Victoria provides a huge water mass for the inland water transport. The Lake is served with appropriate ports and piers with docking facilities and experienced service providers. With increased economic integration in the Community, the lake transport is expected to handle higher volumes of cargo and passengers; and with the liberalization of the sector, the following areas will increasingly require investment…

  • Building, operating and maintaining wagon vessels, ferries, boats, cruise ships and other means of water transport.
  • Investment in livestock transport to boost trade in livestock between the Partner States; Building and maintaining ports and landing beaches.
  • Involvement of private sector investors in the provision of ports, infrastructure and facilities.
  • Privatising ports' service to ensure full utilisation of the facilities.
  • Developing capacity in prevention and control of spills in the harbours and port areas; Provision of water safety measures.
  • Maintenance of navigational aids and other equipment including carrying out nautical cartography.
  • Installation of signals and telecommunication network facilities across the Lake.
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