The Basin has a total road network of 36,208 km of which 2,850 km is tarmac and the rest is earth. Due to high rainfall in the basin, maintenance cost of roads is relatively high especially with earth roads. The network links major urban centres but there is still a big potential in opening up new areas of economic importance including the beaches.

The policy status in all the Partner States in respect of infrastructure development is in support of private sector investment. As in other strategic sectors, the East African Community is undertaking the harmonization of the policies and legal instruments in the infrastructure sector to attract more investment. The potential areas for private investment include…

  • Large-scale road and bridge construction and maintenance;
  • Road construction and maintenance (use of labour-based methods in district road works); Hiring out equipment for road construction and maintenance;
  • Encouraging women participation in the provision of road transport services; Development of integrated road transport with other modes linking with the neighbouring countries;
  • Capacity building and training in road technology; and Promoting of the establishment of road equipment maintenance and modification.

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