The Lake Victoria Basin is endowed with fertile soils ideal for a wide range of crops. It also falls within a good agro-climatic zone. The basin also enjoys surplus labour, both skilled and unskilled, and is strategically connected through all modes of transport to outside market. In terms of policy and legal framework, the Partner States have each reviewed their regulations in favour of private sector investment, including the tax regime. The East African Community is also in the process of harmonizing the policy/legal instruments to be conducive to the investors. These factors provide an appropriate environment for private investment in such potential areas as…
  • Intensification of crop and livestock production through improved technologies and inputs.
  • Provision of irrigation water works for crop and livestock production.
  • Strengthening existing marketing cooperatives and establishing new ones especially for the crops and livestock products.
  • Horticultural crop production using irrigation where necessary.
  • Irrigated and rain-fed rice production.
  • Production of hybrid seed suitable for the Lake Victoria Basin.
  • Establishment of fattening ranches and stalls feeding particularly in Transmara, Keiyo and Tanzanian part of the Basin.
  • Beekeeping and honey production.
  • Poultry and eggs production.
  • Milk production.
  • Provision of private extension service.
  • Pig production.
  • Fodder production.
  • Increased sugar cane growing.
  • Oil crops production.
  • Cotton production.

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