Lake Victoria Basin Aquatic Biodiversity Meta-Database

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Welcome to the Lake Victoria Basin Aquatic Biodiversity Meta-Database

The Lake Victoria basin is located in the central region of East Africa and covers an area of 194,000 km2 of which 7% is in Burundi, 22% in Kenya, 11% in Rwanda, 44% in Tanzania and 16% in Uganda.  The lake basin contains Lake Victoria, the second largest lake in the world with an area of 68,800 km2 and a number of satellite lakes and rivers.  The main lake and satellite lakes are fringed in many places by extensive wetlands.   About 35 million people (about 30% of the entire population of East Africa) are estimated to live and derive their livelihood directly or indirectly from the basin. 

Lake Victoria supports one of the largest freshwater fisheries in the world which by 2007 was producing about one Million tons of fish annually valued between 300-400 million USA dollars.  The lake had high fish species diversity of over 500 species of fish most of which were endemic to the lake and were of economic and scientific value.  The lake provides water for irrigation, hydropower generation, industrial and domestic use, and modulates local climate. 

The meta-database on aquatic biodiversity of the LVB brings together information on aquatic biodiversity to a central location where it can be accessed, processed and used by various stakeholders for conservation of biological diversity, sustainable use of its components, and equitable sharing of the benefits from the genetic resources. Location of data and information on ecosystem, organismal/species, genetic biodiversity and associated social economic values together with the drivers of change at different levels, its condition and how it can be obtained is provided.

The meta-database is made of actual data which is in the public domain, and referenced data which is under the custody of the institution and experts that collect it. The policies and conditions of accessing this data and information are provided.